Education Program

For customers who wish to take advantage of the standard education courses, an Education Program provides the opportunity to train all users with any instructor-led education course, as often as you need, for one cost-effective price. Train all your users as you deploy, provide ongoing training to build power users throughout your organization, and train new users as they come on board. With an Education Program under your belt, making sure your users know how to harness the power of the software is a breeze.

The Education Group provides instructor-led courses, as well as OnDemand eLearning courses in the Community's Learning Center

Curious about what our courses include? View our Education Course Catalog. Or, you can register for a course now.

The Education team also offers regularly scheduled Webinars and Workshops to learn and implement the software.

Education Timeline

To facilitate an effective consulting engagement, the core implementation team attends standard education courses in the Discover phase as part of an Education Program. Users participating in the Pilot or Deploy phases of an implementation should be trained as part of their introduction to the tool.

Education Delivery Options

Education Courses can be delivered virtually, utilizing Adobe® Connect™, or onsite at a facility provided by you.

If you've never taken a virtual course before, we recommend you review our Tips for Taking a Virtual Course.

Custom Education Development

If desired, the Education Group can develop custom education for your organization. Typically, Education content is developed in one of two ways, either utilizing standard course curriculum, or developing educational content tailored to your processes and configuration

In the case of utilizing standard course curriculum, education curriculum is reorganized to match your needs. This approach uses the standard course materials and exercises. You can simply choose the topics included in the course(s) that are most important for your implementation.

In the case of tailored education content, the education team builds a course based on the processes, workflows, reports, etc. configured for you during your implementation. The development of custom education content occurs after a customer’s environment has been designed, configured and tested.

Education Timeline

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